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Chuta Kimura is a Japanese painter, born in 1917 and died in Paris in 1987. He was interested in painting from an early age and from the age of 13 he was interested in Western painting, particularly the Fauves and Picasso. Despite financial difficulties and various mobilizations in the army in the 1930s and during the Second World War, he did not lose his passion for painting. In 1953, he and his wife decided to move to Paris, where he met Poliakoff among others. The 1950s were years of success for him, exhibiting between Paris and New York. He painted mostly landscapes, although he came close to abstraction on more than one occasion. He was very influenced by the Nabi group, and in particular Bonnard, whom he discovered for the first time in a Japanese museum. His biographer says of his work: "his ambition is to express the magnificence of things through their tumult".

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