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Geneviève Claisse - Réalités 65

Geneviève Claisse - Réalités 65

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This book presents an ensemble of watercolours and oils paintings produced by Geneviève Claisse in 1965 and 1966.

It was during these years that Geneviève Claisse’s artistic development really took off and set her apart from Auguste Herbin and Mondrian’s influence. She concentrated on purifying, as much in form as in colour, her intensely geometrical creations.

Research and deep reflection accompany boundless creativity, coinciding with the development of kinetic and optical art.

The period presented here was primordial in Geneviève Claisse’s work, and a forerunner to the ensemble of her creations up to the present.

  • Product details

    Number Of Pages : 64

    Size : 20 x 25 cm

    ISBN : 9782363060952

    Edition : 650 copies

    Publication Date : 2013

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