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Serge Poliakoff was a Russian-born, naturalized French painter who was born in Moscow in 1900 and died in Paris in 1969. He belonged to the New School of Paris. At a young age, he became interested in art: first through the icons he admired in church, where his mother regularly took him, then through drawing: he enrolled in the Moscow School of Drawing when he was not yet of age. His style was fairly academic until he made a fundamental discovery of abstract art in London in 1935. Shortly after this discovery, he became close to well-known artistic figures such as Kandinsky and Sonia and Robert Delaunay, who encouraged him to pursue abstraction. He paints his first abstract paintings in the late 1930s. From then on, his works freed themselves from all representation and questioned the act of painting, the very space of the canvas. Poliakoff's painting, like many of his fellow painters of the New School of Paris, is part of a process of research and self-reflection. It is not a question of "art for art's sake", because the aim is not only decorative, but of a self-conscious painting.

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